All-on-4 Procedure

The All-on-4 or All-on-6 procedure is now considered the optimal solution for those who have lost (or are soon to lose) all of their natural teeth in their upper or lower jaw. The advantages of this procedure include:

  • Permanently secured teeth as nature intended.
  • Implants and replacement teeth in one procedure.
  • Restoration of biting/chewing ability.
  • New smile that looks natural and beautiful.
  • No covered upper palate (as with dentures).
  • No messy dental adhesives.
  • Procedure is done under gentle anesthesia.
  • Minimal recovery time.
  • All the work is done in our office.

It is our goal to be Houston’s lowest cost (and highest quality) provider of the All-on-4 procedure.

PHASE 1: Come in for a complimentary, no-stress, initial consultation to see if you are a candidate for the All-on-4 procedure or if there are other options that are better for your situation. During this visit we will take necessary X-Rays and 3-D scans to evaluate bone density and other factors. At the end of this appointment we will present you with a comprehensive treatment plan.

PHASE 2: Today is your big day! In a single procedure, under gentle IV Sedation, we will remove any remaining teeth, address gum disease, place 4-6 dental implants, and finally secure a beautiful set of new temporary teeth to the implants. Prepare for an emotional moment when you see your new smile for the very first time. Note: patients are required to have someone drive them home due to the IV Sedation.

PHASE 3: Your new smile is already rock solid and you’re enjoying biting, chewing, speaking and laughing again with total confidence. At the same time, your bones and gum tissue are adjusting to the dental implants and your new teeth. Over several months we ask you to come in for a checkup to make sure everything is going just right. Then, we can take the impressions for and fabricate a final dental restoration that is much stronger than the temporary teeth you’ve been wearing. These custom made teeth will look even better and are built to last a lifetime.

Many individual factors go into each patient’s treatment plan. Will your case require grafts or sinus lifts? Will you need just 4 dental implants or more? Will we need to extract teeth as part of the procedure? Which type of material will you select for your permanent teeth? All of these questions can only be answered after your consultation with Dr. Pournik.